How to Find an SEO Consultant


This morning I was on the phone with a friend who had a company calling on him to provide him with low cost Search Engine Optimization services. He was pretty enthusiastic about the opportunity, finally finding a great service that would provide him the exposure that DK New Media could… but at a fraction of the costs. If it's that good, heck… we may sign up!

seo companyThe first thing I do when someone gets excited like that is review their search engine rankings using a tool like ការល្មើស. You'll see the results on the right. Simply put, these results are pitiful. I've blocked out the company name which is ranking XNUMXth (ugh!) and they don't rank well (XNUMX or higher) on a single term!

One note on this… I recommend that you look them up on a site like ការល្មើស because the company you're searching for may not rank for highly competitive terms like “SEO”. DK New Media, for example, ranks on terms associated with New Media marketing. We do some fantastic work with our clients ranking them organically, but that's only one tool in our toolbox. We know that a cross-channel marketing strategy that leverages all applicable mediums (including SEO) works best. However, there's no doubt in reviewing the search results that we actually know what we're doing.

Search Engine Optimization consultants are, perhaps, the easiest consultants in the industry to verify credentials on… look no further than the search engine!


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